Farm water overflowing!

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A realtor had mentioned to us that one reason our property had sat on the market for years without selling was that people were worried that it had no water supply. However, in an earlier post (see Farm Water), I reported that not only do we now have a well for the house and front of the property but a dugout 1,000 feet back that was filling with ground water.

The dugout continued to fill from ground water until this week it began overflowing a little bit outside of the fenced off area.

The dugout level had risen outside the fence and began to fill in the depressions in the ground left by the excavator.


So, rather than have the dug-out surrounded by shallow water that could become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and attract animals which might contaminate the water, Andrew and I dug a little canal to lead the overflow to a shallow old trench that looks like it was dug generations ago to drain spring run-off from that low area.

Our little drainage ditch draining off the overflow from the dug-out.


That was several days ago and a good little trickle of water is still flowing out of the dug-out. If the flow is sustained, Andrew is excited to develop a series of shallow ponds below the dug-out in the area beside the orchard.

Do we now have a spring or artesian well? Perhaps.Time will tell but at the very least we do have a good source of water that reminds us of a favourite passage from Isaiah. “I will pour out water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground.” (Is. 44:3)

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  1. Monika Hilder

    Hi Bob and Sheila,

    Our Lord ever supplies the water and we dig the canals in good faith! Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings on you all!

    Monika & Emanuel Hilder

  2. jenny goshulak

    Yes ,love that portion of scripture too..
    Just thinking of God’s faithfulness over the past months as you have ‘pulled up stakes’ and roots. Grateful for His blessing and the gift of faith as you followed His leading!

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