Early Fall colour

We have been eagerly anticipating the Fall colours here in rural Ontario. Thus far we have only had hints of the glorious colours that we hope are still to come. The sugar maple and the other big hardwood trees are just beginning to turn colour. There have been enough bright spots, however, for us  to post a few pictures. In the next week or two we plan to post updates as peak colour develops.


The Staghorn Sumac has been one of the first to develop its colour. The north part of our property, much of which is sandy soil, has a large number of both pine and sumac.


It is clear that Fall is coming and we are working to add Chestnuts to the pine and sumac area. Jonathan has planted about 30 Chestnut seedlings thus far and I am busy mowing to try and get planting areas cleared for the 100 more that he is planning to bring out this weekend.


early fall colours
Just hints of colour starting in the big sugar maple on our property. As you can see below, just a couple of kilometres down the road the colours are more advanced.


The sugar maples just 2 kms from our place down Morrison Point Road.


I was speaking to a man today whose family has been farming in the County for over 180 years. He said that Morrison Point Road reminds him of the “old time” County.


Back at our house, the setting sun helps brighten the early Fall colours.


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