Distracting the painters

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Painting isn’t always the most exciting pastime but we have had some lovely scenes outside the windows to help. The weather hasn’t been sunny all the time but we’ve had enough big breaks of blue sky to brighten things up.

The view to the south west. The house just right of centre was the farm house for our property until just a few years ago. Note how the grass in the front field that I burnt (see the post Fire!) has turned a bright green.
The view of South Bay (Lake Ontario) to the south. The larger of the two barns is well over a hundred years old and was part of our farm until the 1980’s.
From the windows on the back (north) side of the house. It is difficult to see from this picture but, after some selective clearing, we are gaining some ‘peek a boo’ views of our distant fields and forest (centre of the photo).

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