3rd day – 70% mark

Despite slower roads and the truck running out of gas as it got dark this evening about 15 kms from our destination on the north shore of Lake Superior (thank God that we had the lawnmower and its partially full gas tank in the back of the truck!),  we drove nearly 1,100 kms today. That puts us at 3,200 kms, or 70% towards our total of 4,550 km for the trip. We are now about 200 kms ahead of the original schedule.

That good progress means that, if we do well tomorrow, we should make it to Pointe au Baril on Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, early enough in the evening tomorrow to be taken by boat to a house on an island for the night. The extended family of Andrew’s good friends, Dan and Jemma, have owned that island for about a century. Dan has invited us to spend the night with them there if we have time. All three of us are looking forward to that and have been willing to drive later each evening in order to make it a possibility.

This morning we left behind the prairies, blanketed in fog in the flat Red River Valley, and entered the Canadian Shield near the Manitoba/Ontario border. The scenery consisted of rocks, trees, lakes, swamps and, in case you missed it, more rocks, trees, lakes and swamps! Sometimes monotonous, sometimes quite spectacular. The weather was mostly cloudy, with some showers, but we were able to get a few shots that, hopefully, captures some of the rugged beauty that we enjoyed.

The northern shore of Lake Superior. It looked and felt quite a bit like the BC coast
The northern shore of Lake Superior. It looked and felt quite a bit like the BC coast
Walls of granite in the Canadian shield
more rocks, trees and trees, rocks and…………………








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